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  • Yigit Boyar

    Yigit Boyar

  • Dan Ammann

    Dan Ammann

    CEO, Cruise

  • Colin White

    Colin White

    Android @ Instacart

  • Paolo Rotolo

    Paolo Rotolo

    Android Engineer @ Nextome. Lead @GDG Bari. Pursuing Master in Computer Engineering at PoliBa. Big #OpenSource supporter and #Kotlin fan.

  • Gabriel Peal

    Gabriel Peal

    Android at Tonal. Lottie and MvRx. Formerly Airbnb and Android Auto at Google.

  • Hanyu Liu

    Hanyu Liu

    I am an Android developer.

  • Pierce Johnson

    Pierce Johnson


  • Kirill Rozov

    Kirill Rozov

    Tech PR Manager at Surf, Android Developer, GDE, creator of androidbroadcast.dev

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